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Improving breast cancer outcomes

A breast cancer diagnosis is always scary. But for too many of our patients it is quite literally life changing. Women in East London have less good survival rates than their peers elsewhere in the capital and across the UK. Some have higher risk of particularly aggressive breast cancer types, like triple negative breast cancer. They are more likely to have breast cancer early—in their 40s or even 30s. And too many are only finding their cancer late, making it much harder to treat.

We’re already partnering with Barts Health NHS Trust to help more women get diagnosed earlier:

  • Supporting research to improve screening uptake
  • Helping community-based groups to build awareness of breast health and encourage women to access services  
  • Funding technology to improve accuracy of diagnosis 

Alongside this work, we are also making a big investment in how we treat women who are presenting with breast cancer, and who need the very best treatment.

A new surgical centre 

Most women with a breast cancer diagnosis will need surgery. For those with very early-stage disease, surgery might be all they require. And for those with aggressive or late-diagnosed disease, optimising surgery is critical to give them the best chances for cure and long-term survival.  

Our new centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital will enable all of our patients to access treatment from a team of surgical specialists. By having their surgery in the same location as our research teams and facilities, they will also be far more able to join clinical trials, potentially benefiting from the most promising new drugs, and contributing to better treatments. 

"Creating a Breast Cancer Centre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital will enable women in the City and East London to benefit from the highest-quality care and increase their access to cutting-edge clinical research studies. It will improve outcomes for our patients, who have higher incidence of more aggressive breast cancers, and are less likely to receive an early-stage diagnosis (when their cancer would be easier to treat).”
Dr Melissa Phillips, Clinical Transformation Lead and Medical Oncologist (Breast Cancer), Barts Health NHS Trust

Giving all our patients the best chances

Breast cancer survivor Nell, shares her story, provides hope in her community and supports our campaign to build a new Breast Cancer Centre.

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