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Special Purpose Fund (SPF) Expense Claims

We manage funds donated for a restricted or specific purpose, which are known as Special Purpose Funds (SPFs). Each fund has its own unique purpose and the charity has a responsibility to ensure donated funds are spent in accordance with donor wishes and in a timely manner.

The SPF expense claim scheme enables access to these funds for a range of pre agreed categories. Funding is provided as a reimbursement to the claimant i.e. the claimant pays for the item and submits a claim for reimbursement to the charity.

Level of funding


Any item in line with the pre-agreed categories AND where the fund purpose also permits it.

Detailed guidelines giving the pre-agreed categories can be found in our Special Purpose Fund Guidelines.

If your requirement is not included within the pre-agreed categories but you feel it is in line with the fund purpose, please contact us.

Any member of Barts Health NHS Trust staff can make an expense claim via the online system.

The person responsible for completing the expense claim form is known as the claimant. It is possible for a claimant to make a claim on behalf of another person. The person who receives the money is the Payee.

Every expense claim will be reviewed by at least one Fundholder.

Claimant: the person responsible for completing the expense claim form
Payee: the person who receives the money
Fundholder: 1-4 people managing each fund who are authorised to approve payments from the fund.

The role of the Fundholder is to check a claim matches both the fund purpose and SPF guidelines prior to a claim being submitted. Every expense claim will be reviewed by at least one Fundholder.

Every expense claim will also be reviewed by a Barts Charity Finance Officer using the following criteria:
• Suitability: appropriateness of the nominated Fund for the claim and that it is in line with one of the pre-agreed categories (including any associated allowances).
• Evidence: appropriate supporting documentation is provided.

This scheme supports expenditure between £20 and £5,000. Please see the SPF Guidelines for the pre-agreed categories and allowances.

While not an exhaustive list, examples of ideas and items that we could support (if the fund’s purposes allow) include:
• courses and conferences
• travel
• staff welfare
• medical and other equipment less than £5,000.

This scheme does not cover:
• medical and other equipment greater than £5,000
• any IT equipment, such as tablets or laptops
• research support costs
• building work
• degree and masters course expenses.

Claim process

Check that the expenditure is permitted based on the fund purpose and that it meets the SPF Expenses Guidelines.

If in doubt please contact the Fundholder and/or the charity before incurring any expense to avoid being financially disadvantaged.

You must complete the online expense claim form. Please remember to ensure that the purpose of the fund you select covers the expenditure you are claiming for and to attach the relevant supporting documentation (including evidence of conversion of non-GBP expenses claims into GBP).

The Fundholder will receive the expense claim to review and assess against the criteria listed in the “What we look for” section.

Once the claim is approved by Fundholders, we assess the claim against the criteria listed in the “What we look for” section. If further information is required, a Finance Officer will be in touch.

If your claim is approved,  a notification will be sent to the Payee together with a link to a webform for completion of bank details for settlement of the claim.

If your claim is rejected, a notification will be sent to the claimant giving the reason for rejection of the claim.

We process completed webforms each Thursday (public holidays permitting) and a BACs payment will be received in the payee’s account after three working days.

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SPF guidelines

Read our latest guidelines for detailed guidance on what can and cannot be claimed from an SPF.

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If you have any questions about the SPF expense claim scheme or a submission you have made, please get in touch.

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