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One (very) big birthday. Two exceptional new projects.

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900 years of medicine

In 2023, we celebrated the 900th anniversary of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Looking to the future, we launched a fundraising campaign for two important health projects that will help transform treatment for patients in our community and beyond: a new Breast Cancer Centre at St Bartholomew's Hospital, and a Clinical Research Facility at The Royal London Hospital.
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We’re funding healthcare and medical research projects that will make a difference to millions of East Londoners, and which could transform how we understand and treat some of the biggest global health challenges.

A new Breast Cancer Centre

Women in East London are more likely than their peers in London and nationally to have aggressive, hard-to-treat forms of breast cancer. They also have poorer survival rates. Our new Breast Cancer Centre will help to change this by ensuring that all our patients can access optimal treatment, including surgery, and have the opportunity to join potentially life-saving trials.

We’re raising money to give patients like Nell some of the best care in the world:   

“Having all treatment in one dedicated place with a team of breast cancer specialists would make a traumatic experience so much more bearable. We need this new Breast Cancer Centre here in East London, as the number of women affected by triple-negative breast cancer in the area is high. It would be a gamechanger.”  – Nell, Mile End 

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Artificial Intelligence Research

A new Clinical Research Facility

At The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, we’ve started to transform a space which treated seriously-ill COVID-19 patients into one where we can design the treatments of the future.  The Clinical Research Facility will enable East Londoners to participate in important, early phase clinical trials, and give us much-needed capacity to help develop new and better drugs: for our patients, for Londoners and for the world.

The new Clinical Research Facility right here in East London that will enable more life-changing research for people like Suresh:

“I can say, without any doubt, that my clinical trial gave me my life back. And soon, with a new Clinical Research Facility, we could transform the lives of so many more people in East London and beyond. I’d urge anyone who is able to help support this important appeal to please do so.”  – Suresh, Woodford 

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