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Offering care from the comfort of your home

Our funding is enabling staff at St Bartholomew’s Hospital to trial remote follow-up consultations for patients with blood cancer.

  • Date: July 24, 2020

Improving patient experience

Patients with blood cancer must undergo regular check ups – often over a period of many years – to monitor their condition. This year, our funding is allowing patients at St Bartholomew’s Hospital to attend consultations from the comfort of their own home. With remote patient monitoring, patients are given the option of having their consultations over the phone or by video link. Instead of inviting patients to meet in person, consultants send their patients a questionnaire and blood test kit in the post. Patients can then use this at a time that suits them at their local GP surgery ahead of their remote consultation. The new option, pioneered by Dr Samir Agrawal, saves patients from the hassle of travel and waiting times and has been popular with patients.

The difference we’re making

The impact of our supporters’ donations has allowed clinicians to:

  • Use technology to treat patients in a 21st Century way, saving them time, stress and inconvenience;
  • Give patients more options and greater control of their care;
  • Create a model which has potential to be more widely adopted across the NHS.
"The scheme saves us so much time - it saves us the travelling time, sitting in traffic, going up there and waiting in the waiting rooms. You benefit because instead of travelling and waiting, you're at home, somewhere you are comfortable and relaxed."
Bertal, blood cancer patient

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