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Martha with her badge for the #WearTheBadge Campaign

Martha’s Story: wearing the badge in memory of a friend

East London resident Martha explains why she supports Barts Charity

  • Date: May 13, 2021

Sensitive, kind and caring staff

Martha has lived in Hackney for four years. When her best friend, Katy, became seriously ill, Martha witnessed East London’s NHS staff at their most sensitive, caring and kind.

“Katy was my best friend and she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24. Ever since then, she was under the care of Barts up until she sadly passed away last year.

Katy was amazing. Probably the most amazing person I’ve ever known. And although she isn’t with us anymore, the care that Katy received from East London’s NHS was exceptional. At no point was she ever made to feel as if she was a sick person. The NHS staff gave her so much moral support at every stage of her illness.”

"I wear the badge because of the care my best friend received in an East London NHS hospital."
Martha, East London resident

In memory of an amazing friend

Martha would visit Katy regularly during her treatment and she was struck by how friendly the staff were and how passionate Katy was about the care she was receiving. 

“Every time I visited the hospital, the atmosphere was so positive and so nice. All of the staff were so kind in keeping Katy’s spirits up and making her stay as happy as she could possibly be. All the nurses knew her by name. Things like that really make a difference to someone in her situation. I know that the care she got, until the end, was the best it could be.” 

Martha supports Barts Charity because of the care Katy received and because it was a cause that her friend cared about deeply. Support the NHS in East London by donating now.

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