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Fundraising FAQs

Read our fundraising FAQs to learn more about how fundraising works at Barts Charity.

How do I get started?

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Barts Charity. There are plenty of ways you can fundraise, from signing up for a charity event to organising your own. If you sign up for a charity event on our website you will be automatically registered.

Once you’ve decided on an event, it’s time to start fundraising. We recommend using JustGiving as this is the easiest way for friends and family to donate, and all donations will be sent to us automatically.

What support will I get?

Our Fundraising team are on hand to help you with whatever you may need when fundraising. The team can provide information about our work as well as fundraising materials and running vests or t-shirts. Please get in touch to ask for support or any materials.

We would also love to share your story on our social media channels to help you reach your fundraising target. However, this is optional and we will only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

How do I make sure my activity is safe and legal?

If you’re taking part in a charity event, the organisers will have taken the necessary steps to ensure the event is safe and legal.

If you’re organising your own event, please don’t do anything that could risk a law being broken or that puts yourself or anyone else in danger. We strongly recommend that you carry out a risk assessment for your activity. We can’t accept any responsibility for your event or anyone who participates in it. Your event will not be covered by our insurance if anything goes wrong.

Comprehensive guidance on things like fundraising laws, public events, fundraising with children, insurance and risk are available at Funding Centre.

What is the difference between a charity place and a general place?

When joining #TeamBartsCharity online, you will be asked if you would like a charity place or if you already have a place.

You can register for a charity place for events through our website. If your application is successful, ask you to reach a minimum fundraising target.

You can buy a general place from an event organiser’s website and choose to fundraise for us. You will get all of the benefits of a charity place but with no minimum fundraising target.

How can I pay in my donations?

However you choose to donate, we’re incredibly grateful for your support.

We recommend using JustGiving as this is the easiest way for friends and family to donate, and all donations will be sent to us automatically.

You can also donate:

  • By phone by calling us on 0207 618 1720.
  • By post. Send your donation to Fundraising, Barts Charity, 12 Cock Lane, London, EC1A 9BU. Please make cheques payable to Barts Charity, and include a covering note with your name and address as we always like to say thank you.
  • Via bank transfer. Please email us for support with this.

Where will my fundraising go?

We support the Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals and the Queen Mary University of London Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Your fundraising allows us to bring brilliant ideas, ground-breaking research and transformational healthcare to life in East London.

Read more about where your money goes here.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid allows UK charities to claim back 25% of eligible donations from the government. This means we receive an extra 25p for every £1 donated, boosting your donation by a quarter.

If you did not claim Gift Aid when you made your donation you can use our Gift Aid form to submit your details and enable us to claim Gift Aid on your donations.

Can I use the Barts Charity logo?

If you are fundraising for us and would like to use our logo, please use the ‘In Aid of’ logo. Find out more about using our logo here.

Get in touch

Got any more questions or would like help with a fundraising idea? Get in touch with our Fundraising team. We’d love to hear from you! Email us or call us on 0207 618 1720.

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