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Former patient Peter supports our 2021 Christmas Gift Appeal

After a traumatic accident Peter spent Christmas in hospital. Now, each year Peter donates at Christmas in solidarity with staff and patients away from home.

  • Date: December 22, 2021

Peter’s treatment

This year, on the second anniversary of his traumatic accident, Peter made his annual donation to our Christmas Gift Appeal. A little gesture he makes to give back to the staff who supported him through his recovery and to cheer up patients who are in the hospital over Christmas.

In 2019, Peter was struck by a car as a pedestrian and suffered significant injuries. These included: broken tibia, broken fibula, fractured eye socket, fractured nose and lacerations to the head. Following his accident, Peter was treated for his injuries over the Christmas period at both The Royal London Hospital and Whipps Cross Hospital. Peter had multiple surgeries at The Royal London Hospital followed by daily transfers to Whipps Cross Hospital for sessions in the hyperbaric chamber. The aim was to help his body heal and hopefully avoid further complex plastic surgery.

Thankfully, the interventions and treatment plans worked. Peter was able to avoid further surgery. However, due to the extent of the injuries sustained Peter was unable to go home for Christmas. Peter remained in hospital for further treatment during the festive season.

"My little gift meant the absolute world to me...along with the care afforded to me by all staff it was an amazing present."
Peter, Barts Charity supporter

Supporting our Annual Christmas Appeal

Peter reflects on this time in hospital and why he now chooses to support our Christmas Appeal each year, as he explains, “I didn’t really appreciate the seriousness of my injuries but I have often said from the cleaners to the consultants, I marveled at the care and attention that I was given. I had always held out in hope that I would be home for Christmas. Alas I was devastated when told that wouldn’t be possible.

“I was feeling pretty sorry for myself Christmas morning but the joy I felt when I was given my little gift was immense. It was the thought that someone cared enough to do this. It restored my faith in the human spirit…I thought so much of my gift that I kept it and now it is a treasured possession.

“My little gift meant the absolute world to me…along with the care afforded to me by all staff it was an amazing present. I will always be very, very grateful to every single member of staff I encountered during my stay.”

Peter in hospital over Christmas with his wife

How you can support our Annual Christmas Appeal

We’re so thankful to hear from patients like Peter about the impact that our Christmas Appeal can have, making a difference to someone’s day. In 2021, not unlike last Christmas, patients and staff will be facing a very different Christmas in hospital.  We need to continue to support them.

Each Christmas we fundraise to buy presents for all patients spending the day in hospital away from loved ones. We also fundraise to give gifts to the NHS staff working tirelessly to care for patients during the festive season. You can support both patients and staff members by donating to our Christmas Appeal.

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