Fasting and fundraising for Ramadan - Barts Charity
Sabah fundraising for ramadan

Fasting and fundraising for Ramadan

East Londoner Sabah has used this year’s Ramadan to raise over £500 for our Emergency Covid-19 Appeal. She tells us why she decided to use this time of fasting and reflection to support her local hospitals.

  • Date: May 19, 2020

Giving back

“Ramadan is the holiest month in my religion, Islam. It means hitting the reset button and reflecting on all I have and everything God has blessed me with. Then, appreciating these things and finding ways to give back to those who sadly do not have as much.

“With the rest of the Muslims around the world, I fast from dusk until dawn. It makes it easier for us to appreciate what we have when you go the entire day hungry. Ramadan is a massive month for giving to charity and fundraising.

"We owe the staff at Barts Hospital a lot. When my dad got sick, it felt like our world was about to fall apart."

Serving on the front line

This year, I chose to support Barts Charity’s Covid-19 Appeal. I can see first-hand the effects of Covid-19 on staff at the NHS, with family members serving on the front line. If there is support for them at this difficult time, I’d like to extend my hand to help.

“Barts Charity was the most direct link I could find to helping those saving our lives. I also personally have felt the impact of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. My dad had a heart attack a few years ago and the staff there saved his life. We owe them a lot, as we felt our world was about to fall apart.

Support from friends

“The reception from my friends and colleagues has been incredible. They are always so supportive, but we reached my target in a week this time around! We raised more than I have ever raised before from just work colleagues. I am very grateful.

To everyone working in the NHS right now, I would like to say that the world cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for this country. Sacrificing your time and personal life is one thing, but to put your lives on the line the way you are will be a debt forever owed by the nation. You truly are incredible human beings.”

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