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£43.6 million to support research and healthcare in East London in 2022-2023

Last year we awarded our highest amount of funding in a single year to support research and healthcare for the community of East London. 

  • Date: July 28, 2023

A record year of funding 

Barts Charity has awarded £43.6 million in funding  –  the largest amount we have ever awarded in a single year. Our funding was split between our three partners:  

  • £32.7 million to Barts Health NHS Trust 
  • £9.4 million to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University London 
  • £300,000 to the School of Health & Psychological Sciences at City, University of London

We also awarded £1.2 million to East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Transformational initiatives  

We are dedicated to supporting improvements to healthcare and transformative research with a primary focus on East London. Last year, our investments ranged from supporting advancements in health and medical research, research training for healthcare professionals, innovative patient care projects, refurbishments, as well as new medical equipment at Barts Health hospitals and supporting NHS staff wellbeing initiatives.  

We supported over 120 different projects for our community in East London, ranging from large to small. Some of our larger awards included:   

A new Clinical Research Facility at Barts Health (up to £14m) 

We approved plans to build a brand-new Clinical Research Facility on the 15th floor of The Royal London Hospital, which will bring vital clinical trials research closer to the East London population.  This could mean earlier access to life-changing treatments for local people and will drive the development of innovative therapies that will benefit patients worldwide 

The new facility will be five times the size of current facilities and have overnight spaces, laboratory and office spaces, its own pharmacy and will be close to important hospital services. This will mean the facility can be very flexible and will be able to do complex clinical trials, such as in-human studies and medical device trials across a wide range of disease areas. 

The Clinical Research Facility is part of our Barts 900 campaign which will fundraise for this and a Breast Cancer Centre over the next two to three years.

Find out more about the Barts 900 campaign.    

Academic Centre for Healthy Ageing at Whipps Cross Hospital (£6.6m) 

We approved plans for the development of an Academic Centre for Health Ageing in partnership with Barts Health and QMUL, which will focus on the health and wellbeing of older people. The Centre will create a collaborative network of clinicians, researchers, educators, policymakers and the local community in East London, to drive research and support the transformation of services work for older people, supporting them to live well and independently. 

Read more about the Academic Centre for Healthy Ageing. 

Digital transformation of dental services at Barts Health (£2.3 million) 

We approved plans to introduce the latest digital technology at The Royal London Dental Hospital to provide the very best in oral care to its patient population in East London. This includes advanced virtual reality simulators and new 3-D oral scanners,  the creation of a new electronic dental record-keeping tool, the latest digital technology for use in dental procedures, and the introduction of virtual reality training tools for dental students at the Institute of Dentistry (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London), who also provide key dental services for our local East  London community. 

This digital transformation makes the dental hospital the first in the UK to fully integrate oral and general health records for routine patient management.

Read more about the digital transformation at the Royal London Dental Hospital

Psychological Support Service for Barts Health NHS Trust staff (£1.7 million further funding) 

We awarded a grant of £1.7 million to extend our support to the Barts Health Psychological Support Service. The service supports the wellbeing and mental health of all staff at Barts Health. Each of the five hospitals in the Trust – St Bartholomew’s, The Royal London, Mile End, Newham and Whipps Cross – now has access to a dedicated psychologist. 

We originally provided funding of £1 million in 2020 to establish this vital service. We are grateful to those who gave to our Covid-19 Emergency Appeal during that time. 

Read more about the Psychological Support Service.

Discover how the Psychological Support Service supported Staff Nurse Chanelle at The Royal London Hospital in our post from 2021.

We are grateful to all our donors and supporters who have helped to make the past year such a success. 

“I’m so proud that we have given a record amount of support to our partners. This marks a great start to our strategy for 2022-2027 in which we committed to funding at least £150m across the period. It’s particularly special that it has happened during the year in which we celebrate the 900th anniversary of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. Fundraising is integral to Barts Charity and we couldn’t give the support we do without the generous support of our donors to campaigns such as Barts 900, for which everyone at the charity is incredibly grateful.” 
Fiona Miller Smith, Chief Executive of Barts Charity

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