Barts Guild support Christmas gift appeal - Barts Charity

Barts Guild give £3,000 for Christmas gifts at St Bartholomew's Hospital

Unable to run their usual festive activities and inspired by a personal connection, Barts Guild give a generous donation to buy patient gifts in 2020.

  • Date: December 8, 2020

Barts Guild supporting Barts Charity 

Barts Guild provides support to St Bartholomew’s Hospital year-round through a dedicated network of volunteers.

Their Honorary Secretary, Lesley, shares her personal connection they to Barts Health and how Barts Guild supports each year:

“This Christmas, we are sponsoring the Christmas tree in the atrium at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the lights in the trees in the square, but were keen to do something more personal for the patients. So, when I saw the Barts Charity Christmas Appeal, and particularly that it was being promoted by Doctor Sophie, it occurred to me that we could support this campaign. The Barts Guild Trustees were more than happy to support Barts Charity.

A personal connection

“Sophie looked after my mother in 2018 when she was admitted to The Royal London at the age of 89. She was extremely poorly and in hospital for quite a long time. Sophie was part of the team that looked after my mum. She was so kind and reassuring at a time that was extremely difficult for mum and the family. For someone who has such responsibility and calls on her time I think she is remarkable and the whole family owe her a debt of gratitude. Both for her skills and dedication but for her warmth and kindness.

Geriatric Consultant Sophie, one of the faces of our Christmas Gift Appeal

"Anything that brings some, even slight, relief from the situation that the patients find themselves in is worth doing, particularly at Christmas."
Lesley Evans, Guild Member

Festive support  

Typically Barts Guild volunteers visit the hospital on Christmas Day to spread festive joy. However, due to Covid-19 restrictions they were unable to visit in person.

“It’s become a Guild tradition which, unfortunately, we can’t continue this year but hope to be able to resume in 2021…Anything that brings some, even slight, relief from the situation that the patients find themselves in is worth doing. Particularly at Christmas which can be a very lonely time for so many,” shared Lesley.

In lieu of being able to visit in person, Barts Guild wanted to find a new way to support this year. They succeeded in securing a donation of £2,760 for our annual Christmas Appeal. We’re grateful for their support.

During the festive season these donations are used to buy gifts for all patients and staff spending Christmas Day in hospital away from loved ones.

More generally, donations to our annual Christmas Appeal help ensure we are able to support both staff and patients throughout the year. Supporting initiatives focused on NHS staff wellbeing, fund groundbreaking research projects and provide new hospital equipment.

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