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London’s Lifeline: A history of life-saving innovation

The Royal London Trauma Team have pioneered the Code Red protocol for bleeding patients, which has halved deaths and changed national and international clinical practice.

The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel is the busiest Major Trauma Centre in Europe, treating 3,500 patients a year and playing a crucial role in responding to London’s major incidents 

Adjacent to The Royal London Hospital is the Centre for Trauma Sciences (C4TS), a world-leading research facility. Researchers at the facility investigate the body’s response to trauma and develops new life-saving and disabilitysparing treatments. Working in partnership with the hospital, discoveries made here have not only saved thousands of Londoners’ lives, but have also transformed the global guidelines for millions. 

Barts Charity has a proud history of supporting innovation in trauma care and research at The Royal London Hospital and C4TS, enabling many improvements in the clinical pathway. In 2012, the charity invested £3m to help establish the Centre for Trauma Sciences. Almost 10 years later, London’s Lifeline is an opportunity to reduce mortality for the most severely injured patients from 27% to 10%, setting a new international standard.  

With your help, we can develop the next generation of life-saving trauma care.  

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London's Lifeline

London’s Lifeline is a unique opportunity to boost the capital’s capacity to protect against injury and major incident, setting a new global standard for trauma care and saving thousands more lives.

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