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Nobody wants to be in hospital over Christmas

But with a Secret Santa gift, you can bring joy to patients like Adam this Christmas Day

Will you be a Secret Santa this Christmas ?

We are proud of the Barts Health NHS Trust hospitals we support and the world class care they provide for patients like Adam. But we know that being in hospital can sometimes be an isolating and lonely experience – especially for those patients who can’t be home with their loved ones this Christmas.  

So, this year we’re inviting you to be a Secret Santa and give £15 to Barts Charity to pay for a thoughtful gift for a patient who needs to stay in hospital on Christmas Day. Your gift can help put a smile on someone’s  face this Christmas Day.

Our Secret Santa 2023 Christmas Appeal has ended and we would like to thank all those who helped bring joy to our hospitals this year. Christmas is not the only time you can give. If you want to support patients and staff in a Barts Health hospital you can donate year-round to help improve health in East London.

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Adam at home with his Christmas tree in December 2020.

Give a Secret Santa gift to bring joy to patients like Adam this Christmas Day

Leanne and Paul spent Christmas 2018 in hospital with their newborn son Adam who was born prematurely at just 26 weeks and suffered a bleed on the brain. He was in an incubator on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Royal London Hospital for six weeks over Christmas and New Year.  

It was an incredibly scary time. They only realised it was Christmas morning when they found a present placed on the top of Adam’s incubator. It was a little  giraffe comforter gifted to patients in hospital over Christmas by Barts Charity. 

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“It brought happiness to our new family of three and was so lovely to know that someone else had been thinking of us. That little giraffe is very special for all three of us and has been part of Adam’s childhood ever since.”
Leanne, Adam's mum

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