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Three-year-old Hugo walks in support of his heroes

Three-year-old Hugo walked 3 kilometers to raise money for his NHS heroes after asking his Mum how he could fight “the corona bug”.

  • Date: May 28, 2020

A huge fundraising effort

Whilst clapping for his heroes on a Thursday evening, three-year-old Hugo asked his mum, Emily, how he could help fight the ‘Corona bug’. Hugo was desperate to support frontline NHS workers who were keeping him and his family safe during the pandemic.

Emily suggested that he dress up as one of his heroes, a doctor, and walk 3 kilometres in order to raise money for our emergency COVID-19 appeal. The 3 kilometers represented each of his three years of age. He also decided to try and raise £300, a huge target for such a little fundraiser.

Hugo is excited about his fancy dress fundraising

Our youngest fundraiser yet

Hugo completed his walk on 16th May.  To help him on his way, his mum set him off with an ice lolly and he had his favourite magazine waiting for him when he got home.  As he arrived at his house after the walk, some of his neighbours were clapping for Hugo, just as Hugo had clapped for carers on Thursday nights.  Hugo was really proud of himself and could make the link between his fundraising and the heroes he was supporting.

His mum Emily knew that the new Nightingale Hospital in London is supported by our appeal and she explained to Hugo that he was supporting the doctors and nurses in the new hospital. She says: “We are all so proud of Hugo, especially hearing he’s the youngest fundraiser for Barts Charity so far. It was great for Hugo to make a positive out of a negative.”

Hugo has beaten his target and managed to raise over £350. Thank you Hugo!

Fundraise for us

Fundraise for us