Mark’s Story - West Ham captain explains why he wears the badge - Barts Charity
Mark Noble Supports East London's NHS

Mark's story - Why Mark wears the badge

West Ham Captain Mark Noble explains why he supports Barts Charity and chooses to #WearTheBadge

  • Date: May 13, 2021

A local captain

West Ham United captain Mark Noble was born at Newham Hospital, just a five-minute walk from the old Boleyn Ground stadium. He is proud to represent East London when he’s on the football pitch and is a big supporter of our local NHS staff when’s he’s away from it.

Mark wears the badge because Barts Charity represents a cause close to heart.

“I wear the badge because I believe in Barts Charity and I believe in everything they do for the for the NHS in East London. I wear the badge because I was brought up in East London, I was born in an NHS hospital in East London, and I want to encourage more people, more East Londoners to do the same. We’ve got players in our changing rooms from all round the world – and I’ll be getting a few of them to wear the badge too.”

"I believe in Barts Charity and I believe in everything they do for the NHS in East London."
Mark Noble, West Ham Captain

Supporters of East London’s NHS

West Ham Utd are a valued partner of Barts Charity, and the club has been fantastic in helping boost the morale of our NHS staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve arranged videocalls, given free replica shirts and, when spectators were allowed in the ground, provided matchday tickets for staff.

“West Ham United have been really privileged to support Barts Charity through the pandemic because we know how tough it’s been for the NHS and we’re in a privileged position to be able to do that. I’m sure it’s something we’ll continue to do because it’s really important to all of us. It’s a cause every East Londoner should rally behind.”

Update January 2023: This campaign has now ended, but you can continue to support East London’s NHS by donating to Barts Charity.

Support East London's NHS

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West Ham captain, Mark Noble, talks about why he supports Barts Charity.