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Fundraising in baby Luan’s memory

A couple have fundraised nearly £12,000 in memory of their baby, who was born prematurely and treated at The Royal London Hospital.

  • Date: April 25, 2022

A true warrior

Luan was Thomas and Lauren’s first baby and their one true love. “Luan brought so much happiness and love into the world. He was a true warrior,” says Lauren.   

Luan was born two weeks premature on the 11 January 2021 and brought a sense of peace to his parents during the pandemic. Unfortunately, he was poorly from birth and doctors were unable to diagnose his condition.  

He had a short stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at The Royal London Hospital before he sadly passed away at nine days old.  

Lauren says: “There is no resolve to this situation. It’s one of the things that we’ve got to learn to carry with us for the rest of our lives. Nothing can change it or make it better. We can choose love, and to love each other and be happy for the time we got being pregnant with Luan and the short time after.”

Almost £12,000 raised

Though his life was short, his impact is immense. With the help of 277 donors, Luan’s parents have raised nearly £12,000 for the NICU ward to fund several brand new monitors.  

The monitors measure oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood of premature babies and allow clinicians to adjust the ventilator according to baby’s needs. Very small premature babies can rapidly decline in health so these monitors are vital.  

The new monitors ensure that clinicians can provide the best care to premature babies, meaning Luan’s legacy will live on.

“We wanted to raise money to help more babies in the NICU.” Lauren tells us. “Hopefully our fundraising means more babies can come home.”

Tom and baby Robin

Forever grateful

They would also like to praise Dr Khan for making key decisions regarding Luan’s health, and for personally delivering their second son, Robin. “Without him, we wouldn’t be here with a son in our arms today. We are forever grateful for his expertise in pregnancy after loss and for taking care of us.” Lauren says.

They add: “If you get the chance, say his name and look up at the moon.” 

Thank you so much to Tom and Lauren for sharing their story and for this incredibly generous donation.  

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