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London’s Lifeline: in the press

St Paul's Cathedral

London's Lifeline

London’s Lifeline is a unique opportunity to boost the capital’s capacity to protect against injury and major incidents.

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London's Lifeline

Professor Brohi Evening Standard

Evening Standard

Article on innovations in preventing major haemorrhage at The Royal London Hospital and the Centre for Trauma Sciences. This work which was supported by Barts Charity’s funding.

BBC News

Dr Malik Ramadhan on the trauma team’s response to the London Bridge terror attack.

Mr Martin Griffiths - Evening Standard

Evening Standard

The Royal London Hospital’s Mr Martin Griffiths is appointed the NHS’ first clinical director for violence reduction.

Dr Elaine Cole - The Express

The Express

Dr Elaine Cole on funding to investigate the growing impact of trauma on the elderly population

Sunday Mirror article

Sunday Mirror

Patient Richard Livett is reunited with the team who saved him following the London Bridge terror attack.