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Why are you focusing on fundraising?

We know that patients, their families and friends, are grateful for the amazing care you give – because they tell us about it! They often want to give something back to say thank you. But we haven’t always been as visible as we could to give them the opportunity, and we want to do better.

The more people who know about their hospital charity, and the difference they can make by supporting us, the more we can raise. And the more we can raise, the more we can do to help you and your patients.

We’re committed to the funds raised at your hospital, being spent at your hospital. You can help by making sure that people know about Barts Charity and how their support will benefit your work.

Can a patient donate to my ward/department?

We encourage people to give to the general fund for each hospital site, rather than to a specific ward or department. This means that access to funding is fair and equitable for all staff, as well as being flexible and able to respond to changing needs at your hospital.

By giving to the hospital fund, lots of small donations will add up more quickly to have a bigger impact. Patients and families can rest assured that you will be able to benefit from their donations by applying to the hospital fund for support with your work.

We already have a Special Purpose Fund (SPF) for our ward/department. What will happen to this?

We know that our current funding structure is too complicated and isn’t fair and equitable across all sites, departments and wards. Staff have also told us that the process for requesting funding isn’t as easy as it should be.

That’s why we’re working closely with the Barts Health Trust and hospital leadership teams to change things for the better. We’re looking at existing SPFs to make sure that funds are being spent in an impactful and timely way. We’re also reviewing how we might structure our funds in future to create bigger, more flexible funds that will have greater impact.

For the time being, we can still take donations to an existing SPF and you can access them in the same way. However, we will no longer set up new SPFs while we review the structure, in line with the principles of equity and impact outlined above. We will be communicating with existing SPF fundholders in due course.

What should I say to patients who want to know how their donation will be used?

All donations raised at your hospital, will be spent at your hospital. By giving to the hospital fund, they can feel confident that you can benefit from their support by applying for funding for you work. Giving to the hospital fund also means their donation will combine with others, adding up more quickly and having a bigger impact. You can see examples of funding in your hospital on your dedicated hospital page.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to patients about fundraising, please refer them to the Charity and we’ll be happy to talk to them. Our donation postcard (which should be available on your ward reception) explains how they can donate or contact us.

Will I know if someone has donated because of my care?

Wherever possible, we will ask people to tell us if something has inspired them to make a donation. We’ll do our best to share this information with staff, when we have the donor’s permission to do so.

More questions?

Get in touch with our Engagement and Fundraising team if you have any questions or would like help with a fundraising idea. We’d love to hear from you! You can email us or call us on 0207 618 1720

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