Everyday Impact Funding Scheme £2,000 - £50,000
We want to support ideas that will improve the care, experience and wellbeing of patients and their families, friends, and carers in hospitals across Barts Health NHS Trust. Our Everyday Impact Funding Scheme focuses on ideas where a relatively straightforward and easy-to-implement change could have a big impact.

Level of funding: £2,000 – £50,000

Duration of funding: Up to 12 months

Purpose: To support relatively straightforward ideas that can make a big change to patients and their families, friends, and carers.

We fund:

While not an exhaustive list, examples of ideas and items that we could support through this scheme include:  

  • Healthcare equipment 
  • Small-scale renovation, redecoration and refurbishment of treatment and waiting areas 
  • Items and initiatives related to patient activities or wellbeing  
  • Supporting internal training and/or knowledge sharing events for Barts Health staff, where the focus is on improving healthcare delivery for patients. This can include, for example, catering and room booking for an internal conference. 

Through this scheme we will not fund:

  • Corporate events, team away days or social activities 
  • Individual training, either provided by Barts Health NHS Trust or externally 
  • Activities related to staff health and wellbeing, or refurbishment/renovation of areas predominantly used by staff. The Charity works closely with Barts Health to support projects related to Staff Wellbeing. 
  • Any IT equipment (tablets, laptops etc.).

What we look for:

Your application will be reviewed by Barts Charity’s Everyday Impact Advisory Panel. During the assessment, they will look for: 

  • Benefit: Tangible difference to patients or members of the communities served by Barts Health NHS Trust in terms of experience, wellbeing and/or care. We particularly encourage applications that have wide-ranging benefit (i.e. beyond one service/hospital) 
  • Suitability: Appropriateness of Barts Charity as a funder, i.e. that there is no alternative source of funding available for your proposal 
  • Involvement: Appropriate engagement with patients, public and/or staff  
  • Maintainability: If appropriate, plans to maintain the proposed change beyond the period of Barts Charity funding. 

If you wish to discuss your idea in advance of applying, our Funding and Impact Team will be happy to offer advice and support

What we offer:

This scheme can support projects and initiatives between £2,000 and £50,000. 

Please see the  Barts Charity Grants Cost Policy  for what types of cost can be requested.  

Who can apply: 

Applications must have one person who is responsible for completing the application form and leading the project. This person is called the lead applicant and will be the main person the Charity communicates with.

Depending on the type of application, you may also wish to have up to 4 co-applicants who will support your application and project, if successful. The focus of the project must be Barts Health hospitals, and the project team must include representatives from all services involved. 

The lead applicant must be employed by Barts Health NHS Trust and will be for the duration of the funding. We also expect co-applicants to be employed by Barts Health NHS Trust in the majority of cases.  

Your proposal/project must be supported by relevant senior members of staff from all department/services/sites it covers. 

How to apply: 

Before you apply, you must: 

  • Ensure that you have the support from senior members of all services and sites involved. If you are not the lead of your service, you should add a letter of support from your directorate general manager or equivalent 
  • Please work with your finance manager to ensure that your application is costed appropriately. Your finance manager should check all quotes and confirm whether they should be VAT exempt, providing a VAT exemption certificate where appropriate.  

A link to the online application form will be made available here, once the scheme has been launched. 

Your application will be assessed by Barts Charity’s Everyday Impact Advisory Panel. The panel will consider how well each application meets the scheme criteria. 

You can expect to hear if you’re successful 6-8 weeks after the deadline.  


We consider applications 4 times a year. The deadlines for this scheme have not yet been released, please check back. They will be updated once the scheme is launched. 

Special Purpose Funds  

We manage funds donated for a restricted or specific purpose which are known as Special Purpose Funds (SPFs). If you or your department/service has access to an SPF and has an idea that fits the purpose of the Everyday Impact scheme that will cost £5,000-£50,000 we encourage you to release funds from the SPF, with fundholder approval, through this Everyday Impact scheme. If you are applying for less than £5,000, we encourage you to use the SPF claim process where possible.

Example projects 

The below case studies highlight some of the ideas we have funded in the past. These examples are intended to give you an idea of the sort of ideas that could be supported through this scheme. 

  • Home Video Telemetry (£30,990; The Royal London Hospital) 

This funding was for electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment to monitor epileptic patients’ seizures from home, allowing them to get the correct diagnosis and treatment without the need for prolonged hospital stays.  

  • Whipps Cross Hospital Volunteer Buggy (£20,000; Whipps Cross Hospital) 

This funding allowed the purchase of two volunteer buggies for Whipps Cross to help patients, visitors and members of staff to get across the large hospital site. 

  • Tranquillity Gardens (Newham Hospital £7,500 and Whipps Cross Hospital £10,000) 

Theis funding supported the creation of gardens at Newham and Whipps Cross hospitals to provide outdoor spaces for staff and patients to relax and unwind, improving their overall wellbeing.  

  • Socially distanced furniture for the 7a waiting areas (£27,042; St Bartholomew’s Hospital) 

This funding provided comfortable and socially distanced furniture for the waiting room in the Cancer Day Care Unit at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, replacing shared furniture such as sofas in light of the pandemic. 

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