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Everyday Impact reaches an amazing milestone

We have invested £1.5m across 58 projects through our Everyday Impact funding scheme, where a simple change can make a big difference to patients in hospitals across Barts Health NHS Trust.



  • Date: March 27, 2024


Our Everyday Impact funding scheme launched in 2022. The scheme focuses on ideas where a relatively simple change could have a big impact on the care, experience and wellbeing of patients in hospitals across Barts Health NHS Trust. Since launching the scheme, we are delighted to have invested £1.5m across 58 projects to bring these ideas to life, thanks to your support.

These are the interventions that you see in Barts Health hospitals every day. From the phone charging stations that mean families can keep in touch with loved ones when they most need it, the Heartbeat Bears that are supporting families separated from their babies, to artwork for Mile End Hospital’s tuberculosis clinic that has created a more welcoming environment for patients and visitors.

The below are just a handful of examples of how our Everyday Impact funding has had a positive impact on patient care across Barts Health hospitals. 

Improving patient care with new physiotherapy equipment

This award was funded with a generous donation from ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation.

The team at Pine Therapies, Newham Hospital were able to upgrade their physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities with brand new equipment, allowing them to treat more patients whilst improving the quality of care. The number of patients being seen per week has now almost doubled, from 60 to a massive 112.  

With a focus on stroke and amputee rehabilitation, the extra equipment has allowed for a wider variety of group therapy offerings, including a new upper limb and aerobic exercise group, as well as greater support in the transition from a wheelchair to the use of prosthetics. The number of groups has now doubled.  

Feedback from patients has been incredible, and many have specifically thanked the revamped facilities in helping them return to their normal level of fitness post-surgery or injury. Using the gym has given many patients the confidence to continue exercising in their own local gyms and community. One patient commented: “I’m so impressed by the gym – it makes a difference. The groups are more fun and I’m less worried about going to my own gym now.”

Gym equipment at Pine Therapies, Newham Hospital

With the new equipment, Pine Therapies are now able to host oncology prehabilitation groups – an essential service for cancer patients prior to surgery. Prior to the funding, patients living in Newham had to travel all the way to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, in central London, for their physiotherapy treatment. Seyi Oni is the Clinical Lead Physiotherapist at Newham Hospital and is passionate about how funding such as this can go a long way in reducing health inequality:

“I’d like to thank Barts Charity for allowing us the opportunity to improve the service we provide to local patients every day. This fantastic resource is instrumental in our mission to redress some of the longstanding health inequalities and challenges to healthcare provision across London.”

Helping cancer patients stay physically strong with specialist equipment

Cancer and its many treatments can take a serious toll on the body. Malnutrition is common with reports in different cancer types varying between 20 and 70% of patients. This frequently leads to loss of muscle mass and has a direct impact on the patients’ tolerance of treatment and quality of life. Conditions relating to loss of muscle mass are a direct cause of around 20-30% of cancer deaths.  

With our support, the new Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Scale at St Bartholemew’s Hospital helps hospital staff to determine the fat mass, fat free mass and total body water of a person. This in turn helps dieticians to create individualised treatment plans for each patient, to help them maintain enough muscle mass to tolerate treatment and have as good quality of life as possible. 

Sarah Biglin is a Specialist Dietician at St Bartholemew’s Hospital and explains that: “Patients undergoing head and neck radiotherapy treatment often continue to work in labour intensive jobs or continue to have active lifestyles, so it is really important for patients to maintain their muscle mass. The BIA has allowed the dieticians to assess changes and advise on patients’ protein intake, so they can continue working or doing the physical activity that they enjoy.” 

“It also allows the dietician to more easily explain the rationale behind changes to advice given to patients, helping to improve engagement with the process.” 

Transforming a day room for patients and families to find comfort when they need it 

To help improve patient and staff wellbeing, the Sycamore Ward at Whipps Cross Hospital received funding to renovate their dayroom. The bright walls and brand-new flooring and furniture have transformed the room into the central hub of the ward, where patients can meet with friends and family in a calm and inviting atmosphere. Patients now have new bedside tables, lockers and visitors’ chairs to make their stay more comfortable.  

The renovation has been particularly beneficial for grieving families, who need a quiet space to mourn the loss of their loved one in private. 

All of the staff at Sycamore Ward have noticed the incredible difference the funding has made to life on the ward.

The dayroom at Sycamore Ward, Whipps Cross Hospital

“The day room stands as a testament to your commitment to our mission, creating a positive impact that reaches far beyond its physical boundaries. Families find comfort, staff discover respite, and patients experience solace – thanks to your invaluable support.”
Staff at the Sycamore Ward, Whipps Cross Hospital

Providing specialist wheelchairs for amputees to support independence away from the ward

When patients are admitted to the Vascular Ward 10E at The Royal London Hospital, they are recent amputees who are at a pivotal moment in their limb loss journey. We have funded 15 new wheelchairs and 21 pressure-relief cushions to ensure that patients of all body shapes, age and skin type can adjust to their new lifestyle in a chair that can perfectly meet their needs.  

These specialist wheelchairs are self-propelled and compatible with amputee supports, which is proving invaluable during the early stages of their rehabilitation. Having the right equipment, with the right cushion support, is helping patients to maintain their posture, muscle length and sitting balance. They have also had a huge impact on patients’ independence, by allowing them to leave the ward and see family and friends.  

“We recognise that significant change can come from relatively simple interventions. We are incredibly proud of the success of our Everyday Impact scheme and seeing the difference it is already making to patients and families across our hospitals. We are looking forward to supporting more ideas that can have a big impact in the years to come.”
Fiona Miller Smith, CEO at Barts Charity

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