Barts Charity funded HIV researcher receives MBE - Barts Charity

Barts Charity funded HIV researcher recognised in 2024 King’s Birthday Honours

The MBE recognises Professor Chloe Orkin’s services to the NHS, including pioneering work to find new therapies for HIV for underrepresented groups, funded by Barts Charity. 

  • Date: June 18, 2024

Chloe Orkin is Professor of Infection and Inequities at Queen Mary University of London and a Consultant Physician at Barts Health NHS Trust. The announcement of Chloe’s MBE recognises her outstanding achievements as a world-leading HIV researcher, clinician, and medical, LGBTQ+ and disability leader. 

She is the Director of the Barts Charity funded SHARE Collaborative, which specialises in new therapies for HIV and tackling health inequities for East Londoners who are disproportionately impacted by some of the highest rates of HIV infection in England, despite advances in treatment. 

We are delighted that Chloe has received this recognition in the 2024 King’s Birthday Honours.

“Serving the NHS for the past 26 years has been an enormous privilege, and it means a great deal that my contribution has been deemed valuable. By seeing someone like me receiving an MBE, I hope that others will see that they too can be recognised for their contributions to society. I look forward to serving my patients and colleagues for the rest of my career.”
Professor Chloe Orkin, Professor of Infection and Inequalities at Queen Mary and Director of SHARE Collaborative

A better quality of life for HIV patients in East London: SHARE Collaborative 

In the past, HIV infection nearly always resulted in death. Now, with prompt diagnosis and the right treatment, it is a manageable condition with those affected able to live long and healthy lives. 

However, East London has some of the highest rates of HIV infection in England.  For those who are unaware of their diagnosis or where treatment is difficult or out of reach, HIV still causes poor health, reduced quality of life and even early death. 

SHARE Collaborative, supported with our funding, brings together expertise from Barts Health and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary. The multidisciplinary team, made up of clinicians, scientists and members of the community, is finding ways to prevent future HIV infections and trial innovative new treatments, particularly for historically underrepresented groups.