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A new staff recognition programme for Barts Health

“A small ‘thank you’ goes a long way.  It is appreciated when someone says “thank you’. It’s the little things that count and make you smile.”  Barts Health staff member

  • Date: November 22, 2023

With a grant of £850,000, we are continuing our commitment to supporting Barts Health NHS staff by funding a new staff recognition programme.

As part of our 2022-27 strategy, we made it a key objective to help motivate, recognise and support the wellbeing of Barts Health staff. This new programme aims to recognise the amazing work done by staff at all levels – day in, day out – often in demanding circumstances. It will be rolled out in early 2024.

Based upon staff feedback

Barts Health consulted staff about what they wanted from a new recognition programme. The results included:

  • Visible recognition for everyday acts of kindness
  • Colleagues being able to give recognition to each other – peer-to-peer
  • Small gifts, food and discounts as a token of appreciation
  • Recognition from senior leaders and managers
“Feeling appreciated creates positive feelings and inspires individuals and teams to achieve more success.”
Barts Health staff member

Hearts, cards and heroes

Part of the funding will be used to create a place on the Barts Health intranet where colleagues can send and receive a Barts Heart – a spontaneous moment of recognition for acts of kindness and a way of saying thank you in a visible and instant way. When a staff member receives a number of Barts Hearts, they can choose from a selection of small gifts such as a hoody, wellness pack or power bank.

We will be continuing our support for the flagship Barts Health Heroes awards ceremony in February of each year.

The programme will also include other elements such as:

  • celebrating local heroes across the hospital sites
  • recognising long service
  • thank you cards for managers to convey their thanks to staff in a more immediate and personal way
  • supporting staff to attend national award ceremonies where they have been nominated
Through the generosity of Barts Charity the recognition activities will enable our people to thank colleagues in a spontaneous and visible way and help create a more appreciative culture. We want all our people to feel rewarded and valued and this recognition programme is for everyone. The ‘Barts Hearts’ recognition platform will really help shine a light on those everyday acts of kindness, and offers a place to say ‘thank you'.
Daniel Waldron, Group Director of People, Barts Health
At Barts Charity we are committed to supporting the wellbeing, motivation and recognition of Barts Health Staff, because we know the positive impact this also has on patient care and experience. We’re delighted to have funded a programme that has been co-produced by staff, for staff, and one that spans a wide range of recognition activities.
Ali Momin, Head of Healthcare Funding, Barts Charity

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