Healthcare Professional Clinical Research Training Fellowships
We support Healthcare Professionals to undertake research through PhD fellowship support.
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Level of funding: Fellow’s salary, PhD fees, and research costs

Duration of funding: We offer flexible research career opportunities from 3 years full-time to flexible and part-time work. 

Purpose: To support Healthcare Professionals to undertake research that enhances our understanding of health and illness, and could lead to better health for East London.

Who can apply 

The scheme is open to all Healthcare Professionals (Allied Healthcare Professionals, clinicians (including general practitioners), Healthcare Scientists, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, and psychologists).

The applicant (prospective Fellow) must:

  • be registered with the appropriate healthcare professional body with a licence to practice. Healthcare Scientists without a registration must commit to registering as part of the Fellowship.
  • be released from any training and/or clinical requirements for the duration of the Fellowship. (Full time Fellows may request to spend 20% of their time undertaking clinical duties to maintain their clinical competence).
  • be able to demonstrate previous research experience (e.g. hold an MRes, MSc or equivalent experience).
  • plan to work on a research project as part of their PhD.
  • plan to be an employee of Barts Health NHS Trust, Queen Mary University of London or City, University of London for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • plan to register for and complete a PhD at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London or City, University of London School of Health Sciences.

Prospective Fellows who are already registered for a PhD are NOT eligible for this scheme.

Required Supervision

Each application must be supported by a Primary Supervisor and Secondary Supervisor who will provide the Fellow with supervision, guidance and support during the application process and the grant, if successful. The Primary Supervisor will be responsible for the administration of the grant, if successful.

The Primary Supervisor must:

  • have a contract of employment at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London or City, University of London.
  • meet the requirements to supervise PhD students set by Queen Mary University of London or City, University of London.

The Second Supervisor and collaborators can be based at any organisation provided the expertise they bring to the project is justified and they are committed to providing the Fellow with guidance and support during the application process and the grant, if successful.

What we look for

Your application will be reviewed by Barts Charity’s Fellowship Panel. During the assessment they look for:

  • Benefit: The research outcomes aim to enhance our understanding of health and illness and/or have the potential to lead to improved lives in East London.
  • Originality: A novel and important research proposal within its field.
  • Feasibility: The proposed approaches are realistic, well developed and likely to achieve the proposed aims.
  • Involvement: The proposal includes appropriate plans for engagement with, and involvement of, patients, the public, local services, research and/or clinical networks.
  • Credentials: The prospective Fellow has the necessary professional and research experience, skills and knowledge to undertake the proposed research. Supervisors and broader team have the expertise and experience to support the prospective Fellow and the project.
  • Sustainability: The Fellowship will enable the prospective Fellow’s career plans. The proposal includes appropriate commitments to sharing expected research outcomes.

What we offer

Prospective Fellows can request:

  • 3 years of full time salary support. We offer flexible research career opportunities, and you can request flexible and part-time working. You must spend at least 0.5FTE on the fellowship.
  • PhD registration fees
  • Materials and consumables (up to £10,000 per year).

We will also consider requests for costs relating to:

  • Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement
  • Contribution to dissemination such as conference attendance and/or publications
  • Fees to attend training courses directly related to the research project.

Please see the Barts Charity Grants cost policy for more detail. 

How to apply

Our Funding and Impact team are here to work with you and can offer advice and support. We encourage you to contact us in advance if you have any queries. 

Contact the Funding and Impact team

Do get in touch if we can support you in the application process by applying reasonable adjustments. All requests will be treated in confidence.

Stage 1: Develop proposal

Work with your supervisory team to develop the proposed research project.

The application must be costed and agreed by the Queen Mary Joint Research Management Office (JMRO) or the City, University of London Research Support Services. You must contact the relevant team well in advance of the submission date to allow enough time to provide your costing..

Stage 2: Complete the online application form

Remember to save your application often and to attach all the necessary documents before you submit

Stage 2: Your host organisation reviews your application and submits it to Barts Charity. 

Applications must be submitted to Barts Charity by 5pm on the day of the deadline. 

Funding decision and review 

Stage 1: Due diligence 
Barts Charity’s Funding & Impact team will check that your application is eligible and suitable for this scheme. We will be in touch if we have any questions. 

Stage 2: Peer review
Your application will be sent for external written peer review from experts in your field.

On the application form you are asked to suggest potential reviewers and exclude potential reviewers who might have a conflict.

Stage 3: Shortlisting
The Fellowship Panel will review your application, and the peer review reports, and decide whether to invite you for interview.

If invited, you will be given at least two weeks’ notice and we will send you anonymised comments from the external peer reviewers.  

Stage 4: Interview
The interviews will be conducted by the Fellowship Panel, who makes the final funding decision. 

Key dates

The scheme welcomes new applications annually.  

2021/2204 November 2022 Early March  2023

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