Pioneering 'Sat Nav' lung cancer treatment

Our funding is transforming lung cancer treatment for all with the navigational bronchoscopy procedure, aided by Superdimension’ technology.
This treatment is 
suitable for many more patients than can undergo traditional surgery or chemotherapy. Reduced surgical risks and recovery times are just some of the patient benefits. 

We’re dedicated to

Transforming treatment for lung cancer patients using new technology, including those who cannot undergo other surgical treatments or radiotherapy.

The difference we’re making

This procedure has many advantages for patients:

  • Using pioneering technology and equipment to transform the treatment and care of patients with lung cancer.
  • Offering a minimally invasive procedure to a greater number of patients. 
  • Decreasing hospital stay and recovery time for patients. 
  • Significantly reducing pain and discomfort after their procedure.  
  • Ensuring that healthy surrounding tissue is not damaged, with the aid of ‘Sat Nav’ technology. 
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What staff and patients are saying

"We finally have a treatment option for patients who are unable to undergo conventional radiotherapy or surgery. We can now use navigational bronchoscopy to deliver radiation and cure people of cancer, even in the highest-risk patients. I am absolutely delighted”

Mr Kelvin Lau, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon and Lead in Thoracic Surgery. 


“If I wasn’t in hospital, I wouldn’t have known I’d had an operation. I feel physically and psychologically fantastic." 

Anna, aged 65, the first patient in the world to undergo the navigational bronchoscopy procedure on a lung tumour. 


Funding extraordinary healthcare

St Bartholomew's Hospital was the first in Europe to use navigational bronchoscopy to carry out lung tumour biopsies, before now using the method to destroy the tumour entirely. 

This procedure will now be used to treat a growing number of patients diagnosed with lung tumours.  

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