Cutting-edge robotic surgery

With our award of £5.1m, new robotic surgery equipment is delivering better outcomes for patients at St Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospitals.

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Giving patients and staff access to the latest equipment to ensure the best surgical treatment and recovery.

The difference we’re making

Robotic surgery has already brought many advantages for patients:

  • shorter stays in hospital; even patients undergoing major cancer surgery can be discharged one day after surgery
  • less post-operative pain and minimal scarring
  • fewer complications after operations, with patients returning to pre-operative levels of health faster
  • reduced blood loss and less need for blood transfusions
  • allows previously inoperable patients to be treated

Meet the surgeon

Mrs Elly Brockbank was one of the lead figures in getting the robots to the hospitals:


How it works

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What patients are saying


"It’s a small cut and you don’t feel any pain at all. I was home the following day, I walked from my room to the main entrance of the hospital. The healing process was very good, there was no pain.”


Julie, 62, from Plaistow was the first patient to undergo a hysterectomy by robotic surgery at The Royal London Hospital

Funding extraordinary healthcare

Over 150 patients have now benefitted from robotic surgery.  

At St Bartholomew’s, the robot was the first in the UK to be dedicated to cardiothoracic cases, whilst at The Royal London Hospital, the robot is uniquely used across six different disciplines -  Gynaecology-oncology, Colorectal, Hepatobillary, Urology, Ear, nose and throat surgery, and Renal transplant.  

“The technology is a completely new experience for me and the clinical advantages are breath-taking. I am incredibly grateful to Barts Charity for making this possible,” says Mr Kelvin Lau, consultant and lead for thoracic surgery at Barts Health NHS Trust. 

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