Transforming children's services in Newham

The Rainbow Centre at Newham University Hospital is vastly improving care for 80,000 local children, thanks to our £6.8m funding. 

We’re dedicated to

Transforming children's wards at Newham University Hospital into a light, colourful and spacious facility with integrated services and vastly improved clinical facilities to provide the best medical care and patient experience. 

The difference we’re making

  • Improving medical facilities including the introduction of a stabilisation suite, to reduce hazardous transfers between hospitals
  • Introducing state-of-the-art equipment to future-proof the care offered to children and young people
  • Providing better facilities for parents who want to stay close to their children
  • Expanding the space to offer dedicated areas for adolescents, staff and a school room
  • Creating a bright and colourful environment including art from a renowned artist and a sensory garden, to improve staff morale and patient experience 
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What patients and staff are saying

 “It’s unrecognisable, I can’t even imagine it’s the same place – it’s amazing what can be done. Parents and children come in and say “wow”.”

– Sherry Manning, Head of Nursing, Acute and Family Division


“It makes me feel excited. It makes me feel happier coming here.”

– Sarah, aged 7, a patient at the Rainbow Centre

Funding extraordinary healthcare

The Centre has already proven its worth:

  • A new Optiflow machine was used to stabilise the breathing of a 17-month old baby - who otherwise would have needed transferring to intensive care at a different hospital and given more invasive therapy.
  • The adolescent room was a godsend for a teenage girl with cancer having a difficult time with her treatment, providing her with a sanctuary when she found her situation overwhelming. 
  • Staff are visibly happier in the new surroundings, which will undoubtedly help the hospital both recruit and retain highly sought after nursing staff.

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