Improving wellbeing with parent and baby yoga and massage

Parents and babies at The Royal London Hospital have been taking part in baby yoga and massage sessions to support patient recovery and family wellbeing. 

We’re dedicated to

Providing patients of all ages with a relaxing and supportive environment when they visit the hospitals we support. 

The difference we’re making

These sessions are bringing many advantages to patients and their families:

  • Reducing stress for hospitalised babies, children and their parents.
  • Increasing quality time and bonding for families in a busy and clinical environment. 
  • Teaching parents techniques they can apply at home after leaving hospital for long term wellbeing. 
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What patients are saying

“It’s hard work with special care babies. Momentarily I forgot about all the stress because Mikaeel was enjoying himself – the laughter and giggling is priceless”

Ruby, mum of Mikaeel.

Funding extraordinary healthcare

When asked 'How helpful is ‘parent and baby massage and yoga’ in reducing your child’s stress level?' parents have responded with an average of 8.47 out of 10. 

Other projects that we are proud to fund for the Play Team include informative videos that children can watch before coming into hospital to ease their nerves.  

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