Introducing tooth brushing to special schools

With funding of over £19,000, we've helped to introduce daily tooth brushing in East London special schools, improving the dental health of local children with special needs.


We’re dedicated to

Bringing good dental health to children who struggle most with brushing their teeth.

Children in special schools require higher levels of support due to their learning difficulties, complex medical needs or sensory impairments. For parents, maintaining their oral health can be challenging.

 The difference we’re making

  • Improving the dental health of almost 600 children with special needs
  • Funding the local community dental service to train “dental champions” in five special schools
  • Teaching children the valuable life skill of how to brush their teeth properly
  • Providing essential equipment including double-decker storage buses, name stickers and suction units.
  • Easing the pressure on parents by encouraging children to be more receptive to tooth brushing at home
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What parents are saying


"It used to be really difficult to brush her teeth; in the last few weeks things have really changed and she allows me to brush them."


- A parent at the Steven Hawking School in Tower Hamlets 

Funding extraordinary healthcare

The scheme has had an impact throughout the community – initially the Community Dental Service trained 200 school staff to be dental champions, and since then other East London schools have taken and adapted the scheme.

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