Maternity Mates

The Maternity Mates scheme, with £20,000 Barts Charity funding, is supporting vulnerable mothers-to-be in Waltham Forest through pregnancy, childbirth and looking after a new baby.

We’re dedicated to

Providing physical and emotional support to local mums to be who’ve been identified as vulnerable - whether they’re socially isolated, hard of hearing or have psychological issues.

The difference we’re making

  • Introducing the ‘Maternity Mates’ scheme to Waltham Forest following successful implementation in Tower Hamlets
  • Funding 10 volunteers who’ve supported 30 mothers-to-be in the borough
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the programme through surveys and evaluation by researchers at Queen Mary University of London
  • Allowing local women to have more positive and enjoyable pregnancies, benefiting both them and their babies
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What the mums say

“Olive has helped in so many ways, from shopping to hospital appointments to advice on breastfeeding."

"We meet and speak at least once a week on the phone. It would have been a real struggle without her.”


- Rashida, Mother of Ayeshe, one month

Funding extraordinary healthcare

As well as benefiting the mums-to-be, the scheme also improves the prospects of the volunteer 'mates'; 25-30% want to study midwifery and the scheme helps them develops new skills and confidence.  

Inspired by the scheme, many of the mothers have since expressed an interest in becoming Maternity Mates themselves.

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