Leading the way in diabetic kidney disease research

Our grant award of £3.4m has funded the creation of a Diabetic Kidney Disease Centre dedicated to investigating the causes and treatments of the disease.

We’re dedicated to

Better understanding diabetic kidney disease and improving treatment by studying our diverse local community. 

One of the most serious complications of diabetes, diabetic kidney disease can lead to kidney failure, leaving patients needing dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant.

The difference we’re making

  • Funding the creation of a Diabetic Kidney Centre to lead the way in translational research
  • Studying the local community who may be at increased risk of suffering from the disease
  • Training the next generation of experts by setting up post-graduate opportunities for studying diabetic kidney conditions at Queen Mary University of London
  • Securing an international link with the Kidney Foundation Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Meet the researcher

Professor Magdi Yaqoob, Director of the Diabetic Kidney Centre talks about his vision:

Funding extraordinary healthcare

The renal service at Barts Health is one of the largest in the UK and provides comprehensive treatment for a catchment of area of 2.5 million people.

The team at the centre has embarked on a series of international collaborations to share expertise, and understand the impact of migration on diabetes and the kidney.

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