Tackling liver disease at Barts Liver Centre

Our £1.3m grant has created the Barts Liver Centre, which aims both to prevent liver disease and to manage it more effectively.

We’re dedicated to

Tackling the growing problem of liver disease in east London and, while doing so, establish protocols and strategies that will be applicable worldwide.

The difference we’re making

  • Supporting three research projects:
    • Analysing thousands of hepatitis B virus samples to identify the patients most in need of intensive treatment
    • Promoting exercise in problem drinkers to promote a harmful addiction into a healthy one
    • Assessing how a build up of fat around the liver can cause Fatty Liver Disease, for which there are currently no licensed medicines
  • Supporting linkages between projects which we have funded - the Centre will use the genetic information collected from the local population by East London Genes and Health as part of their research.
  • Reaching out into the community to promote healthier lifestyles – the promoting exercise project is being delivered with help from West Ham FC 
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What the researchers are saying

“The Barts Liver Centre will be a focal point for liver-related research, and provide a springboard for further studies on this growing threat to the health of east Londoners.”


Professor Graham Foster, Professor of Hepatology, Queen Mary University of London (pictured centre with co-project leads Dr Patrick Kennedy, left and Dr William Alazawi, right)

Funding extraordinary healthcare

Liver diseases develop over many years with persistent injury from alcohol, dietary fats and viruses. As the disease worsens it can lead to liver cancer, liver failure and death. But even patients with advanced liver disease may not have symptoms – it really is a ‘silent’ killer.


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