Funding the fight against cancer

In recent years we’ve invested over £10 million to help researchers make breakthroughs in the fight against cancer.

We’re dedicated to

Funding world-leading research projects at Barts Cancer Institute, as well as enabling talented young doctors to take time out from their clinical studies to carry out vital studies.  

The difference we’re making

  • Funding five translatable research projects at Bart Cancer Institute which have been identified as key targets for research in the next decade
  • Recruiting leading scientists to take forward programmes of research
  • Enabling researchers to study the cancer stroma, cancer prevention, genomics, and the behaviour of cancer cells and how they respond to treatment 
  • Supporting research in cancer screening and early diagnosis, including the development of new ‘self testing’ HPV kits to make screening for cervical cancer easier and developing a new way to scan patients for prostate cancer, to detect tumours earlier when they are easier to treat
  • Funding six clinical research fellows to further research into immunobiology in blood cancers

Meet the researchers

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What the researchers are saying

"Barts Charity funding will enable us to recruit a wealth of new scientific talent, to enable us to turn our ambitious plans into reality – and deliver real benefits to patients."

Professor Nicholas Lemoine,  Director of Barts Cancer Institute


Funding extraordinary healthcare

The battle against cancer is ongoing.  Even though we are making progress every day, we need to ensure that the researchers of the future have the time, resources and expert guidance to make the next breakthroughs.

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