Zara: Braving sharks in memory of her brother

24 Nov 2016

One incredibly brave supporter faced her fears to raise over £2,500 in memory of her brother, who was treated for cancer at The Royal London Hospital.

Zara swimming with sharks Zara swimming with sharks Zara swimming with sharks

It’s safe to say that most people would be daunted by swimming with sharks, but for Zara Crockett this fear became a particularly meaningful one.

As children, her brother Jason would tease her by swimming underneath her or pulling her feet while they were in the sea on holiday, leading Zara to become more than a little suspicious of the sea and any finned predators that might be lurking there.

“But I always wanted to challenge myself in this regard,” she said.

“To go shark diving or in a cage - but I never had the means or the time to do it. This year I quit my job and went travelling around South America and the Galapagos Islands.”

In 2010, Jason sadly died after a protracted battle with cancer. In a particularly poignant show of bravery, Zara faced her fears and swam with sharks in Jason’s honour while she was travelling.

A lot of sharks, in fact: “I ended up swimming with the Galapagos shark, black tip shark, white tip and hammerhead… and probably many others I couldn’t see!”

With this feat, Zara raised a whopping £2,565. Zara’s shark swim follows her fundraising exploits last year, walking the Camino de Santiago route in Spain.

Of her brother, Zara said: “He was not only my brother but a best friend through thick and thin. The resolute and brave manner he displayed throughout his struggle serves as an example to those he leaves behind to never lose hope in the face of adversity.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Zara for her wonderful (and exotic!) fundraising in memory of Jason – all of which will go directly to help patients with cancer in our hospitals.

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