World Kidney Day 2017: our funding for world-leading kidney disease research

09 Mar 2017

The 9th March is World Kidney Day, aiming to increase awareness of the importance of our kidneys and reduce the impact of kidney disease worldwide. 

In East London, between 5% and 10% of our local community have early kidney disease although many are undiagnosed. While severity can vary, chronic kidney disease currently has no cure and patients need lifelong care. 

Our funding for the Diabetic Kidney Disease Centre

Diabetic kidney disease – one of the most common and serious complications of diabetes – can lead to kidney failure, leaving patients needing dialysis and eventually a kidney transplant.

Our £3.4m funding has enabled the creation of a Diabetic Kidney Disease Centre dedicated to treating the disease and investigating the underlying causes and long-term effects and ultimately, discovering new therapies for patients.

The rate of progression of kidney failure is faster in patients from ethnic minorities so the Centre works closely with our ethnically diverse local population to identify factors associated with increased risk of the disease.

Professor Magdi Yaqoob, Director of the Diabetic Kidney Centre notes: "Across East London, the diversity of our population means the lessons we learn here will have worldwide relevance, and we have embarked on a series of international collaborations to share expertise, and understand the impact of migration on diabetes and the kidney."

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