One man, one year, six marathon majors

28 Sep 2016

Last weekend Dan ran the Berlin marathon. It was the second of six in a calendar year, as he tackles all six of the World Marathon Majors in memory of Sarah.

Dan with his Berlin Marathon finisher's medal

In his own words, Dan explains why this challenge is an especially meaningful one:

“Prior to the 2016 London Marathon, I made a promise/threat that if I finally managed to run sub-4h, then at some point I'd complete the rest of the World Marathon Majors – i.e. running Boston, New York, Chicago and Tokyo.

“Then, two things happened.

“First, all the training paid off, and I staggered across the finish line in a pretty respectable personal best time of 3h 55m (and 39 seconds).

“Second, and far more poignant, Sarah, the wife of one of my best mates from uni, tragically passed away aged 36 from an aggressive form of breast cancer, after a brave and courageous fight, leaving behind Darren and their two children, Eleanor and Noah.

“As such I've decided (and been able/lucky enough) to pull forward the plans and run the rest of the marathons in the space of one calendar year (including re-running Berlin to make sure it's a full set).

“I'll be doing this to raise money for Barts Charity, whose research work was most related to Sarah's specific situation.”

Dan’s splitting his fundraising total – so far an incredible £2,200, with a target of £4,000 – between our Breast Cancer Research Fund – funding research to help find new, improved treatments for breast cancer – and Walk the Walk.

We’d like to say a huge thank you (and good luck!) to Dan and everyone who is donating.

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