Pink Power! Raising £100,000 for cancer services at St Bartholomew’s

16 Aug 2016

The Sustainability Team at Barts Health NHS Trust are on a mission: to raise a whopping £100,000 for cancer services at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

The Sustainability Team with the Jenbacher gas engine

Fiona Daly and the team lead the sustainability agenda at Barts Health, working to improve water and energy efficiency and reduce waste, as well as delivering social projects that improve the lives of those living in our communities.

On NHS Sustainability Day this year, 23rd March, they installed a Jenbacher gas engine (pictured, right) at St Bartholomew’s Hospital – a special piece of kit that generates much of the electricity needed to power the hospital.

It saves the Trust £428K a year and prevents 2,492 tonnes of carbon emissions from being generated. And… it’s pink!

Spending less on energy and fuel means more can be spent on patient care. But Fiona and the team wanted to do more. They’re now fundraising to hit their £100,000 target, backed by Fiona’s emotional connection to the hospital:

“My affiliation with St Bartholomew's Hospital started early on in my life when, at the age of 10, my dad developed Lymphatic cancer and was treated at the hospital.

“I’ve always been so grateful to Barts for giving me my childhood with my dad. I want to do what I can to help others gain valuable time with their loved ones too.”

When the team switched the new engine on they held a Pink Power raffle to kick-start their fundraising. Next up is a “Barts Party” at St Barts Brewery on 23rd August.

The team have big plans for the months ahead too, including pub quizzes, a winter fair, various challenge events, and much more.

The Sustainability Team’s mission at work is to help the hospitals spend less on energy and fuel so more can be directed to patient care. It’s inspiring that in their spare time they’re continuing this goal and seeking to help patients with cancer through their amazing fundraising.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Fiona, Lindsey and the whole team – as well as good luck for your £100k target!

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