Open heart to open roads: Grandfather cycles from London to Cambridge after surgery

23 Jun 2017

Two years ago, 69-year-old David Porter felt strange while he was out cycling: “I noticed I was unable to go at my normal speed. No real pain, just a lack of energy,” he says.

After seeing his GP, further tests revealed that David was suffering from a blocked LAD (left arterial descending), also ominously known as “The Widow Maker”.

He underwent open heart surgery by Mr Rakesh Uppal at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and was able to return home after 5 days. He says “without St Bartholomew’s Hospital it would have been a very different story.”

David has decided to cycle 60 miles from London to Cambridge on the 2nd July to raise money for Barts Charity and help others in the same situation.

Apart from a short break in training to welcome a new Grandchild into the world, training is going well with David even investing in a new pair of spandex cycling tights - in his words “something I swore never to do”.

Thank you so much David for supporting Barts Charity and helping others to receive the same outcome as you.

Good luck with the ride!

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