Teenage patients to benefit from dedicated area at Whipps Cross

21 Dec 2016

Adolescents at Whipps Cross Hospital now have a dedicated room complete with a games console, TV and other activities to enjoy a break from the ward environment. The pictures show the room before and after the transformation.

The adolescents' room at Whipps Cross before it was refurbished Rob Ross and his daughter in the adolescents' room at Whipps Cross

It can be especially difficult being in hospital as a teenager – caught between the younger children on the ward while sometimes feeling a need for own space.

Now, on Acorn Ward, they’ve got this. It’s thanks to the dedicated fundraising of Rob Ross (pictured), a supporter who took on a year of challenges for us last year.

Rob was treated on Acorn Ward as a child, and wanted to give something back to patients there now:

“I have many memories of my time there… however now as a parent it has struck me how unaware I was of the stresses and pains parents must go through seeing their loved ones admitted to hospital.

“I wanted to give something back and do something positive for the ward.”

The room was officially opened by a group of adolescent patients - members of the Barts Health Youth Empowerment Squad - who had called for a dedicated space where they could feel more at home.

Lexie Edwards, 16, is one of these patients, and said: “Every kid needs time out and a free space that they can go to whenever they need to be alone or want to be with others facing similar things.

“Being able to have teenage activities as a distraction is one of the best pain killers for me when I am in hospital.”

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Rob for helping to make this possible, as well as to the volunteers from Timberland UK who painted the room.

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