Marathon Countdown: Stephen's Story

14 Apr 2017

Stephen is running the London Marathon in memory of his girlfriend’s mother Gilly who was cared for at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

With his fundraising, Stephen also hopes he can help more people and their families who need support.

“My girlfriend sadly lost her mum Gilly Haisell in 2012, due to a brain haemorrhage. It was a total shock to her and her family."

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"Throughout this awful time and everything St Bartholomew's Hospital were really good, caring and supportive to the whole family.

Without St Bartholomew's Hospital staff and her family around her, Brogan would not have been able to get through it and be so positive about the situation now. She will always be missing a massive part of her life and struggles to talk and deal with it from time to time.

I would love to give back to St Bartholomew's Hospital for amazing work you do, to help support families going through similar situations and to support Brogan and of course to do it in memory of Gilly too :)”

Thank you so much Stephen for your support! We know you’re no stranger to sporting challenges but the London Marathon is no mean feat - best of luck!

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