Marathon Countdown: Martin's Story

11 Apr 2017

Martin is running the London Marathon for his Auntie Sylvia, who was last year diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of cancer.

Sylvia herself has been a big supporter of Barts Charity, hosting an annual coffee morning bake sale after her husband Ian was diagnosed with lymphoma - also a type of cancer - 12 years ago.

“My name is Martin Pampel, I'm 33 years young. This year I am running my seventh consecutive London Marathon. Each year I run for a cause that means something to me and this year I am running for Barts Charity to support St Bartholomew's Hospital with its research into mesothelioma.

My auntie Sylvia was diagnosed with mesothelioma last year. Fortunately she is continuing to receive excellent treatment but it has been a very difficult time for all the family (as we are all a very close family).  

Funding for mesothelioma treatment is very low compared to that of other, better-known cancers. Research is at a very early trial stage, with much more needed. Mesothelioma has a poor prognosis - it is incurable and most people that are diagnosed with it get months rather than years.

For me, running 26 miles is the best way that I can raise money and awareness of mesothelioma and therefore the best way that I can help support my auntie Sylvia. St Bartholomew's attracts some of the best surgeons, oncologists and researchers around the world so I hope that I can raise as much money as possible to help the hospital and staff to continue their sterling work.

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