More infants breathing easier thanks to your donations

26 Jan 2016

Your donations have helped us fund two new ventilators for the Paediatric Critical Care Unit (PCCU) at The Royal London.

Jo Chui and her son Jayden

The new ventilators use “High Frequency Oscillation”, helping to provide high quality care to young patients who are struggling to breathe and need oxygen treatment.

The purchase of this life-saving piece of equipment was facilitated by Barts Charity Ambassador Josephine Chui.

Jo (pictured right) has personal experience with PCCU, as her baby boy Jayden needed to be rushed to A&E aged six weeks, suffering from bronchiolitis.

Jayden was put on a ventilator and staff at The Royal London PCCU unit worked tirelessly to help him be able to take his own breaths – which, after 10 days, he did.

“To know Jayden was in good hands and had the right equipment available was crucial. I’m so glad to have helped PCCU staff get these new ventilators, so many more children’s lives can be saved, like Jayden’s was.”

To support the work of children's services in the hospitals we support today, make a donation to Barts Charity. 100% of your donation goes directly to our work.

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