Helping elderly patients keep warm this winter

17 Aug 2016

Donations are helping elderly patients on Ward 14E at The Royal London be warmer this winter when they leave hospital.

Some of the cardigans staff have bought for elderly patients at The Royal London

Staff on the ward have been using donations to buy cardigans for the colder months ahead – to give as birthday presents or upon discharge home, particularly to those patients who may not get many visitors.

Many of the patients on the ward live alone and some have no family, meaning they don’t have people around them who can buy practical winter gifts.

Sarah Wiggins (pictured, left) is a Senior Sister who ran the Hackney Half Marathon in May this year to raise funds for the ward and the patients she cares for – raising nearly £700.

She said: “Many of the patients are vulnerable adults with differing medical conditions such as dementia. I’m raising money to spend on items that will benefit them; please support me so that I can support the older people.”

This is a wonderful example of how your support can make a big difference, even if it’s in a relatively small and simple way.

Can you help an elderly patient this winter? With your support, we can help Sarah, Susan (Ward Manager) and all the staff do more – whether it’s donations towards innovative medical equipment or simple items like cardigans to put a smile on a patient’s face.

Donate using the link below and specify “Ward 14E Royal London” after selecting "a particular ward or service". Don’t forget you can also donate to other wards and services of your choice across the five hospitals of Barts Health NHS Trust.

As always, 100% of all donations go directly to your chosen cause.

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