100 cyclists help raise awareness of trauma at The Royal London Cyclethon

23 May 2017

100 ex-patients, hospital staff, researchers and supporters took to static bikes last week for the second Cyclethon at The Royal London Hospital. The Cyclethon is designed to raise awareness and funds for our trauma appeal – and this year donations totalled an amazing £2,500.

Riders cycled in half-hour bursts between 8am-8pm, with trophies up for grabs for cyclists who covered the furthest distance and raised the most money (results below!).

“It was amazing to see so many people coming to support the event,” said Zosia Czpaska, Community Fundraiser at Barts Charity. “We had ex-patients cycling to say thank you, researchers cycling to raise awareness of trauma, law firms cycling to show their support, and even hospital staff cycling at the end of night shifts – incredible dedication.”

Evi is one of the trauma survivors who took part. She was involved in a serious car accident 18 months ago, and said: “Today I took part in the Cyclethon which is very exciting because it’s the first huge activity for me since my accident. I wanted to take part in it because I wanted to support trauma research; it’s so important for the future patients – if we know more about trauma we can make it better for others.”

The event was run in collaboration with the Centre for Trauma Sciences and coincided with Trauma Survivors’ Day. It even included overseas participation from two trauma centres in the USA in Philadelphia and Nashville.

Our trauma appeal supports The Royal London Trauma Centre, funding trauma research to help improve survival and care.

Watch our video of the event on Youtube here and see the photo album on Facebook here.  

Thank you so much to everybody involved and we’ll see you at the same time next year!



Average Team Distance (metres)

1st Legal Beagles 16,307 
2nd Critical Care and Anaesthesia 15,257 
3rd  Rode to Recovery 14,898
4th  Barts Breakaways 14,131 
5th  Research Roadies 14,129


Furthest Male Distance (metres)

1st Robin Tubbs 20,380
2nd Hew Torrance 19,805
3rd Tom Tarrel 19,595
4th Mark Bowman 19,430
5th Mike Willis 19,341


Furthest Female Distance (metres)

1st Annie McBain 18,268
2nd Uli Sigg 17,074
3rd Rosel Tallach 16,731
4th Jenny Buchanan 16,665
5th Clare Eustace 16,346


Total distance cycled - an incredible 1,436,226 metres (892.4 miles)

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