One man’s dream after battle with leukaemia

09 Sep 2016

This weekend, Canwood Gallery is opening in Herefordshire. It will see a dream become reality for Stephen, who found inspiration while undergoing treatment for leukaemia at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in the 1970s.

Some of the art on display at Canwood Gallery Some of the art on display at Canwood Gallery Some of the art on display at Canwood Gallery Some of the art on display at Canwood Gallery

Stephen was diagnosed and was part of a ground-breaking medical trial which ultimately saved his life. He was the only survivor of the 12 who underwent the trial.

In his own words, he’s since felt “immeasurable appreciation” for the care he was shown.

Stephen said: “In a way I was lucky to have leukaemia and have the opportunity to visit London.

“I’ve since found a new way of life and the opening of our gallery is a new opportunity for me to give something back.

“We’re celebrating local artists as well as bringing together a collection of notable art that has inspired me over the years, and hopefully can do the same for a few others, too.”

It was while undergoing treatment that he took a cab and asked where he could go to “see something different”. The driver took him to the Tate Gallery (and refused a fare).

Here, Stephen was inspired by Carl Andre’s Equivalent VIII (or “the bricks”) – the controversial piece that led to a public debate about modern art.

Andre’s bricks now take pride of place in the new Canwood Gallery, found in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside – officially opening on Saturday 10th September.

Stephen and his daughter Hannah have been working hard to prepare for the launch. Also on display at the gallery are exclusive photographs by Peter Sellers and artwork by world-renowned artists Angela Conner, Heather Jansch and Walenty Pytel, together with a range of local artists and many more.

The gallery are supporting us for the benefit of Cancer Immunopathology Research at St Bartholomew's.

We’d like to say thank you to Stephen and his daughter Hannah for choosing to give back in this meaningful way, and wish them all the very best for the opening of Canwood Gallery.

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