Campbell and Lucy share their story for #TransformTrauma

14 Aug 2017

Campbell and Lucy have shared their story – of how trauma has changed their lives, and how normality is not what it once was – in support of our Transform Trauma appeal.

Campbell in hospital Campbell and Lucy at their wedding

Just three weeks after he proposed to Lucy, Campbell was out with friends when he fell 25 feet from a balcony, landing on his knee and head.

He was in a coma for three weeks and suffered severe brain injury. For Lucy, “that moment was the next chapter of our life.”

Falls from height are one of the most common examples of trauma – but Campbell’s case was particularly severe. His brain injury resulted in personality change as well as needing to effectively re-learn to walk and talk again.

For three and a half years Campbell was in hospital and rehabilitation units.

Speaking about his ongoing recovery, he said: “the trauma team saved my life. I don’t remember any names or what they did, but I’m still alive, breathing and can walk.

“It’s shown me how important trauma care is. It can happen to anyone.”

Trauma research is essential for helping trauma patients survive and be able to recover as fully as possible. Campbell’s recovery continues, and it’s been a difficult journey for him and Lucy.

This year, they got married – four years on from the accident. “I couldn’t believe he was there, able to talk and enjoy himself,” said Lucy.

Campbell unfortunately can’t remember any of their wedding day; memory is particularly difficult for him now.

His recovery continues and the future remains somewhat uncertain, but trauma teams have given him – and Lucy – the chance to battle that recovery.

We'd like to say a big thank you to them for sharing their story.

You can view their story on our 3-minute YouTube video on the link below. To support our Transform Trauma appeal and help more people like Campbell, head to JustGiving.

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