Good luck to our Brighton Titans!

04 Apr 2017

This weekend we have six wonderful supporters running in Brighton. We want to wish them a huge GOOD LUCK and thank you! 

The 10k and marathon have a beautiful backdrop of the sea in one of the UK's most vibrant cities. But what's motivating these runners to put themselves through sweat, blisters and hours of training? 

Here are their stories and you can find out more by clicking on their names to see their individual fundraising pages... 

Lucy Cosgrove from the Dementia and Delirium team and her husband Tony (above) will be running the Brighton Marathon, fundraising to improve the care and experience for patients living with dementia who attend the hospitals we support.

Lucy says “Barts Charity have been kind enough to support a Dementia Friendly Environment Initiative that I am currently leading on at Whipps Cross which is set out to make a HUGE difference to the patients, relatives and staff on five of the wards.

Now it’s time to give something back!

Although I have been running for over 5 years this will be my first marathon. I am fairly nervous but this has been something I have wanted to do for a long time and it is for a really great cause. We won't be running together as Tony's legs are a lot longer than mine!! - but we will be sure to see each other at the finish line for a photo!”

Tracy Wise (right, top) is running the 10k to raise funds for St Bartholomews' Hospital. “For nearly 5 months they have fought to save the life of my brother and the resilience, resourcefulness and dedication of the Critical Care team has been amazing.  As has my brother. He has fought against the odds and is now, thankfully, on the way to recovery.

When I was young my brother tried to take me out running, without much success.  Now, in honour of him and in thanks to the team at St Bartholomew’s I will run my little, chubby legs off to raise funds for them so that future lives can be saved and future families spared the heartache of losing somebody they love. I'm not a natural runner and I know it's not a marathon, but to me it will feel like it. “

Jason Draper and two of his friends Emma and Ads (right, bottom) are running the marathon: “Us signing up to the Brighton Marathon was an idea that has now evolved into a genuine desire to raise funds for a charity close to our hearts. We hope to raise £1,000 for Barts Charity and every pound and penny you donate will help us get there!”

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