Donor-funded “Brainlab” featured in BBC’s An Hour To Save Your Life

18 Aug 2016

In this week’s episode of An Hour To Save Your Life, featuring the trauma team at The Royal London, a patient was treated using Brainlab – innovative skull-scanning technology funded with a generous donation.

A Brainlab scan

The show told the story of Jacqueline, 24, who suffered a head injury that pushed her fractured skull into her brain.

Using results from Brainlab technology, the surgeons were able to explore the options for correcting the bone and facial injuries.

Following the insights from the technology, Professor Simon Holmes, lead facial trauma surgeon, led a team during five and a half hours of surgery to reconstruct Jacqueline’s skull.

In 2015, Professor Holmes said: “There is not a single day within the practice of craniofacial trauma that does not feel the benefit of the generous donation of Mr Moulton.

“I’m unable to fully articulate the gratitude of my patients and their families. One mother and father told me that the moment they saw the scans was the point at which the family started to heal – that is what it’s all about.”

It was three years ago that the JP Moulton Charitable Foundation funded Brainlab with a generous £110,000 donation. In the first two years alone, it was used in the treatment of over 500 patients.

The skull contains irregular bones that could impact delicate brain structures when moved. This makes surgery very difficult.

Brainlab’s navigation solution imports computed scans to a computer system to create 3D models that show all the bones that could be affected in surgery.

This means the surgeon can explore multiple options straight away – and ahead of the surgery, making the whole process faster and more accurate.

And ultimately the more accurate the surgery, the better the outcomes for those affected.

Your donations really do make a huge difference to the lives of the patients in the Barts Health group of hospitals.

We’d like to say a special thank you to Mr Moulton and the JP Moulton Charitable Foundation.

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