Brain training: Using technology to engage and educate

12 Sep 2017

With the help of our funding, Brainbook is using new technology to help make neurosurgery more accessible to patients, families and the wider public – as well as trainee neurosurgeons.

Launched earlier this year, the ‘neurosurgical encyclopaedia’ uses highly visual and shareable material to make what is a highly complex topic a little more understandable.

The team behind Brainbook are using the latest technology, including 360° virtual reality videos and GoPros to enhance the reality for viewers.

As they say, “We hope to inspire patients, students, healthcare professionals, and neurosurgeons to share their experiences, ideas and opinions. We hope to demystify neurosurgery by sharing what happens in a busy neurosurgical department, and we hope to make neurosurgery less intimidating for medical students.”

Neurosurgery can be a typically daunting and inaccessible topic – particularly if you’re a patient or relative of a patient who is undergoing a procedure in hospital.

By giving viewers an insight into the operating room, it can increase awareness, educate and showcase the technology involved – providing you’re not too squeamish!

Alex Alamri is a surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust and one of the leads behind Brainbook. Speaking of the wider benefits moving forward, he said:

“We are now moving towards creating technical videos for neurosurgeons and more stylised (but realistic) videos for other healthcare professionals and the public so that they might better understand what occurs during surgical operations.

“Physiotherapists and speech and language therapists, for example, have found it useful to see exactly what patients undergo during surgery and they feel that it helps them to better assess and rehabilitate patients.”

Find out more and see some of their videos on their website.

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