An interview with Becky Hill

15 Nov 2016

It’s just four days until we welcome Becky Hill to the Village Underground to headline Transformation!

Want to be a part of it? We’ve got limited FREE tickets available to Becky Hill fans. Just email us with the subject “Becky Hill” for a chance to win! Draw closes 5pm Thursday 17th November.

Here, we spoke to Becky about her current work and her thoughts on Saturday’s event.

It’s been an amazing year from your first headline show to the massive love for Warm. What has been the highlight?

Definitely the headline show! It's taken me about four years of hard work in the music industry to be able to sell out my own headline show and the response and audience had me close to tears – seeing people support my own music was what it's all about!

How is the album progressing? We read that you’ve written over 300 songs, so how do you decide what goes on and what doesn’t?

I've been working towards an album since becoming a writer and the bones of it are definitely there, I'm just polishing them up for release currently. I always gravitate towards the songs I've written that mean the most to me and shout my personality more than others – I think that's how you get the most connection with others when you're laying yourself bare in a song!

What is your writing process? Do you have designated writing sessions or do you wait for inspiration to strike?

I usually have inspiration hit me out of sessions and write them down to take into sessions with me. I usually like to start with melodies and lyrics afterwards but this can change from day to day.

People like Annie Mac and Katy B have raved about your vocals. How does it feel to have such glowing endorsements?

It feels amazing and makes me very proud and humbled to be talked about highly from very talented people. I've worked incredibly hard to get my voice to where it is today as I had a lot of vocal damage to begin with, so it definitely feels like the hard work has paid off!

You’ve written and performed with a host of artists. Is there anyone – past or present – who you’d love to collaborate with?

A childhood dream of mine was to be involved in a song with my musical idols Bon Iver. I also think Kwabs' voice is incredible and would love to sing with his soulful presence on stage!

How important do you think it is that events like Transformation shine a light on a health issue that predominately affect your age group?

I think it's massively important. When you feel like you're going through something alone it can make you feel very abnormal. Removing stigma and openly talking about issues is the most comforting and helpful thing that can happen and needs to happen more.

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