An interview with Beach Baby

08 Nov 2016

With less than two weeks to go until our Transformation concert, we've teamed up with Beach Baby to offer fans the chance to win free tickets!

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Here, we caught up with the guys - Ollie, Lawrence, Josh and Kit - to find out a bit more about them, their year, and their motivation for joining us on 19th November to help change lives.

It's been a busy year of touring. What have been the highlights?

Ollie: Playing our album in its entirety for the first time at Scala in London to all our friends and fans was probably the highlight of our year/lives!

Your debut album No Mind, No Money was incredibly well received. How did it feel seeing all your hard work finally released to the world and receiving so much love?

Lawrence: Thanks – it was nice to see that the vast majority of people who are into the band weren't disappointed!

As for it being well received, it's quite hard to gauge whether that is in fact the case when you're right in the middle of it all.

Some of those songs were written over three years ago so to finally put a full stop to that part of our lives and get them out there is a good feeling! Now we can move onto the next thing...

On your tour you’ve regularly promoted local bands and artists. How difficult is it for new talent to break through?

Josh: There is no simple answer to that I don't think. For some bands things happen very quickly and for others it's a bit of a long slog. The difficult part is staying the course and making sure that you are fully focused on your music-making!

The crowds at your gigs are full of energy and enthusiasm. Is that something you feed off when playing live?

Kit: Absolutely, yes.

When a crowd is receptive and responding visibly in a genuine manner to what you're doing on stage, it's a pretty amazing sensation. The reverse is also true though, so you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth!

We’re looking forward to seeing you play at Transformation on 19th November. How does it feel to be part of an event that is starting to shine a spotlight on such a devastating health issue?

Ollie: To be involved in an event which is specifically targeting trauma, something that accounts for the largest proportion of deaths in under 40s is hugely important to us as an indie/pop/rock band.

Josh: Popular music is so important to so many young people, so playing our music at an event that’s raising funds for research and to support such a prevalent and tragic cause of death feels like the perfect way to make a contribution.

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