Brightening The Royal London’s Adult Critical Care Unit

14 Sep 2016

New art is helping to create a brighter environment for relatives visiting the Adult Critical Care Unit (ACCU) at The Royal London Hospital.

New artwork on the Adult Critical Care Unit The new artwork in the entrance to the Adult Critical Care Unit The Adult Critical Care Unit relatives' waiting area

Dr Parjam Zolfaghari (consultant - pictured, middle) and the ACCU team initiated the project after a desire to add some warmth and colour to the walls of the waiting area and relatives’ room.

There is increasing evidence that art can have a significant effect on recovery from illness and help create a calming environment. The ACCU is one of a number of patient areas being transformed to encourage recovery, wellbeing and comfort.

Dr Zolfaghari met local artists Rupert and Abi (pictured, right and left) of RUDE art to develop ideas.

The art features a mix of the old and new Royal London Hospital buildings, reflecting the development of the hospital itself as well as the local area.

Patients and relatives have taken to it – the striking designs provide a talking point and a welcome distraction.

Dr Zolfaghari said: “We wanted this to be an area that is welcoming and comfortable for those who visit the ward in very difficult and distressing situations.

“I’d like to thank Rupert and Abi for what they’ve helped us to achieve – as well as to Barts Charity and The Friends of The Royal London for providing the funding.”

Rupert added: “We wanted to include some recognisable features and buildings from around east London to reflect the heritage of Tower Hamlets and beyond, as well as the importance of the hospital to the local people.

“We hope it provides some positivity to those who come to the unit.”

Our thanks go to Dr Zolfaghari, Rupert and Abi too - you can find out more about RUDE art here.

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